On Display- Logo Development

Final ideas

In a presentation I showed everyone my process so far and wanted feedback on my logo. There feedback was that they liked the idea and the logo. The logo they felt the lines were very harsh in places and needed smoothing out. The colour were said to have been to bright and that there is a rule that red and green shouldn’t be seen together, also the typeface need to be change as they felt it just didn’t work with the overall logo.

With the feedback the first thing I did was make the lines less sharp and more rounded so using the pen tool and anchor I smoothed the line out where they pointed out the most.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.10.37

I went back in and went through a lot of colour changes to see if I could find a different choice of colour that worked better together. I swapped and changed the colour on a page so I could see all the option together. I also asked on Facebook to see what people thought of the original green and red and if it didn’t work or if it just needed to be changed slightly.

Here show all of my colour swatching and after looking at these I still feel that red and green is what colour I want my logo to be. As I feel these are the strongest together. I then asked a few close friends and family which one they felt worked the best and they felt the dark red and green worked the best. These colour gave it more of a earth feel rather than being to bright.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.37.37

Below shows the colour that I have decided to use in my final logo. I feel that these colour work the best together. I know that in the tutorial it was said that red and green shouldn’t be seen. I feel after a lot of research and testing other option. The comment on Facebook also showed that green and red worked together.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.47.32.pngThe other thing mentioned on my logo was that the line would work better if they were thinner as at the moment they looked to chucky and less like lines on a map. When trailing this with the colours chosen I agree with the comment.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.52.07.png

In my presentation it was also mentioned that the typeface needs to be changed as they felt the current one didn’t worked well with the logo. I again went back into Illustrator and looked at the typeface that were already on Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 16.12.17

These typeface all work but I didn’t think they were personal enough considering the whole idea is my personal journey. I remembered that it was mention to look into making my own typeface. This is where I thought about making my own handwriting into a type face as its personal to me.

I created my typeface by writing the alabhet in both capitals and lower case and took a picture of this that I then placed into Illustrator where I Image traced and expanded the image and ungrouped them to make them indiviual letters. I then made sure all of them were smooth and not as sharp. I then used the letter to make my name using all capitol and also a version with both to compare and see with one worked the best with the logo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.03.49Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.05.02

This font worked well with the logo and felt more personal which i liked and i also feel I’ve learnt a lot more from making my own font instead of using and existing font it feel more real and more mine.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.50.45

This is my final logo


On display – Logo design ideas


For my logo idea I need to think about my idea and how I could create it visually. My idea is to help new student get around faster by using the routes I would take which are the shortcuts the place unknown to people who don’t live here. My first thought was two M’s one made up of many different line looking confused and the other just straight forward lines. I started sketching this with the name idea as Map Me. I felt this name was to obvious as its a map and its like follow me.

I then thought I could use my route from Cathay’s to town and then the way friend that aren’t familiar would go as my logo. I used the map and traced the line for both and put them together to great a logo. I liked this idea and am happy with the lines it has created. I then went for red line for my route and green for the other route. I feel these colours work the best together.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.10.19
Logo Ideas

Posthumanism Week 1

Post-humanism Art and Design

Week 1 – Forgetting and remembering the air

4000 word Essay   

1000 word Blog

In same document

Your assignment be assessed based upon you ability

  • Demonstrate skills academic research
  • Critically access theoretical concepts and debates
  • Utilise knowledge from a range of contextual approaches to analyse
  • Evaluate contextual knowledge

Post-humanism or a ‘non-human turn’

Lots of different meanings


Using new technology  to help deal with the change

Anthropocene – We are now a layer we can see human intervention. The point in time where we can recognise the intervention of rock formation

1949 land ethics – all ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise: that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts. Humans are a part of the community and has to include non human things : the land.

A world where we made our own food to a world of convenience.

We live in a more than human world we are only attuned to the human world.

we forget the world we forget the air is a thing in the world. What a mystery the air is.

The air – we see it as a empty resource for all of our technology so we don’t know what it is as a thing we don’t notice it because its invisible. How can we forget something that we never really knew anyway

think we forget about the air because we acknowledge the fact that  technology and car make pollution but we say everyone does it so we do it anyway.

Remember it even know it invisible everything is produced through nature and air is everywhere.Air become a empty space we see the air as something we need to fill with all our medium.

  • Modern technology have focused our attention on human technology world
  • We have lost contact with the more-than-human world- an animate world- the air is now ‘empty space’
  • We should align our sense to see
  • we should create new languages for this world to speak

Re-attuning our sense (and language)


what is the air important for?

Air is important to understand the body and the cause and cure for illness. If the air is polluted then the air we breath is polluted and will therefore make us ill.

What is being argued?

Earth too is a base of air, and air is a vehicle of the earth, and there is nothing that is empty of air.

What is being argued against?

Why do such diseases attack not all animals it is because one body differs from the other and one air from another.

What is the take home message?

so whenever the air has been infected with such pollution are hostile to the human race, then men fall sick but when the air has become ill-adapted to some other species of animals, then fall sick.

Wind is “the most powerful of all and in all”

(of food, drink and wind)

Invisible to sight but visible to reason

Everything between earth and heavens is

full of wind( cause of winter and summer; progress of moon, sun and stars; food for swimming creatures; food for fire; food for breathing; causes of fever)


What he trying to explain is something that doesn’t exist and doesn’t have a name. The thing that surrounds everything.

Vague for a general audience

What I’ve learnt Today

  • Read and make send of unfamiliar texts for a variety of fields outside of art and design
  • Talked about them to make more sense of them
  • Visually mapped them to make more sense of them
  • Let them inform your practice

Psychogeography Ideas


The image above show a artist version of 4 city centre and with each image on the left it is a lot clearer where the main point of interest are and the map are a lot simplified and take out a lot of the streets surrounding the area to make it look easier to get to. Where the map on the right are the map we would all use where it looks a lot more complicated and all the streets look the same.

From this I thought about how different people find there way to the same place. The way that I would make my way to the centre of town having lived here all my live would be different to someone who only just moved here. The way my friends would walk would also be different again. It also made me think about when my family went to Greece my grammy had already been there so he drew a map of all his favourite place in the way he  thought about it and how that map got us to where we need to go better than a map of the area because it was a more simplified stripped back version.

I was thinking of looking into the different way people would get from A-B and how the longest route might be the way people not from here would go, which is probably the more interesting route. Whereas I would walk the shorter back route way.

I wanted to look at how a place can be seen different depending on if you know the place well or not. For me going to a uni in my local town and having friend from all over has really opened my eye to place that are literally right on my door step that don’t really bother me they’ve just alway been there. Whereas someone not from here are amazed by something that I don’t even bother to look at. The centre of town is full of history like the castle and is something I’ve only visited once of twice but it seems to be the one thing i use when giving people direction because it such a iconic building for people not from Cardiff.

I want my mark to show the fact that direction for a tourist would be a lot more complex and a more longer route whereas my route would be much more direct. I want to show this in my mark using complex mark against a simplistic one. My mark needs to show how the route is always long and look like your going out of the direction to get back to your location I also want to show the straight forward route that a local person.







Psychogeography Definition: the study of the influence of geographical environment on the mind or on behaviour. The geographical environment of a particular location, typically a city, considered with regard to its influence on the mind or on behaviour.

How do different places make us feel and behave? The term psychogeography was invented by the Marxist theorist Guy Debord in 1955 in order to explore this. Inspired by the French nineteenth century poet and writer Charles Baudelaire’s concept of the flâneur – an urban wanderer – Debord suggested playful and inventive ways of navigating the urban environment in order to examine its architecture and spaces.

While the term originated in the 1950’s, we can go much further back to gothic representations of the city, and even as far back as Defoe, who could be said to be the progenitor of a psychogeographic analysis of urban space. For psychogeography as a movement is essentially the tale of two cities: London and Paris.

Paris exists as the home and birthplace of the term while London has long been inhabited by what are predominantly psychogeographic ideas. Figures such as Blake, de Quincey, Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Machen were all responsible for an imagining of a city that had a spirit of place, and looked for ways to experience what were familiar surroundings in new and insightful ways. They essentially were experiencing their city in a way the movement in Paris would be describing years later.

What I understand from this is that its the people around us the way getting from a-n can be more interesting by not following a straight line. These days there are apps that show us the quickest route but no-one explore anymore. It give a more control chaos and joyful encounter of unplanned events with something hidden being revealed that wouldn’t have been found through the straight forward route.

I found this brief to be difficult and at first picking a theme was hard but psychogeography was the one that made the most sense to me. When having our tutorial I done some research but had no ideas. This is the fact that not just wandering trough it to get to where you need to go its the experience thats happens when your there. I also had the idea of typographic map and map that are found in zoo that give more of an experience they are and advert map. This tutorial has made me more aware of what is to be expected and understand the brief more.

I need to think about these few points:


Where will the expedition be?

Who is it for?

The back story

When coming away from the tutorial I knew I wanted to look into the map idea. Then I thought about how different people find there way to the same place. The way that I would make my way to the centre of town having lived here all my live would be different to someone who only just moved here. The way my friends would walk would also be different again. It also made me think about when my family went to Greece my grammy had already been there so he drew a map of all his favourite place in the way he  thought about it and how that map got us to where we need to go better than a map of the area because it was a more simplified stripped back version.

I was thinking of looking into the different way people would get from A-B and how the longest route might be the way people not from here would go, which is probably the more interesting route. Whereas I would walk the shorter back route way.

These images were what started my ideas.



Branding Project

We got set in groups a one day branding project. This was to help us with our five week project and like the 100 ideas project show us that we can do a lot of work in such a short space of time. We were giving a logo of a company and had to rebrand that company. We as a group had to come up with ideas on how to recreate the logo using the little information we had about the company and then put the mark in 5 different contexts. Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.57.11.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.57.00

We had the company evoke which is a furniture company based in london which was a high end company. We used the fact it was called high end and there are clean lines and beautiful shapes. We used this information to come up with a new logo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.58.17

We all started sketching our idea separately for about half and hour and then came together and narrowed it down to three idea which we then went and produced them digitally. Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.15.17

This was our first idea we used a drawing of megs and the idea behind this was to look like slabs of wood like book shelves. This idea looked to chunky and didn’t really look slik and show the modern, clean message that the furniture company wanted to get across its there logo and rebrand.

We then went from this to making the lines smaller and connecting them together to look more like an E and again using black and white to look more modern. We liked this idea but this is very much like the EA logo thats already out there.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.15.39

We then came up with the idea that there are two E’s in this logo either end so wanted to use that in out logo to make a marque. So we used two E but flipped one so they were facing each other and put long lines between it with a gap. This is where we felt we needed the words evoke underneath. This idea worked well and the bottom right was out final idea with or with out the smaller writing. We also liked the way the marque on its own looked like a piece of furniture which is what we wanted. We wanted the marque to be strong on its ownScreen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.15.57

We now had our logo so we split up and came up with 5 contexts it could be used within. We put it on a label that would be used on the back of furnitures. We also used in on an app. Within a magazine spread on a website and on business cards. The business card worked the best as we used the logos marque to make it flip and rotate to create different marques.

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We also made a moving image of the logo that could be used anywhere on our app,website on billboards.