Are you sitting comfortably? – Reflection

We have been set the brief to design a chair for a client this chair need to reflect them as a person, using a questionnaire to get the basic information about them to then put into a chair design. Initially I felt this was a hard task with the question we were asking to then put this into a chair design. After putting a mood-board together with everything visual in front of us I found it easier to visualise chair ideas.  With this mood-board we both came up with a series of separate ideas, I felt this work best because we had a variety of different ideas that we could then take series of part from different designs. Whilst we were design our chairs we also made wire and mont board models of a few design to get the feel for what they would look like 3D. We then decided as a pair we were going to start designing this one idea digitally on CAD. Once we had this version that was visually 3D we got feedback from Richard and he felt that this idea was to boring and that we had many other idea that had a lot more potential. We went back to the drawing board and looked back at our mood board and tried to link our designs with what she had said about herself. I then suggested that we used the design that felt most like a beach chair as she loved beaches in India then ones we had this design to make more of the parts link. We discussed that we were going to make the arm/legs look very boho. The slats were made to give that deck chair beach feel. We also thought about her love for bands especially LED Zeppelin and how we could use Robert plants symbol to create a pattern to Laser cut on to the slats to create a surprise as you wouldn’t initially be able to see it. When it came to making and building the chair Josh my partner created the chair design on CAD so we could see it in 3D  to make sure this was this design we wanted to go with. Once we had the finish design we transferred it to Illustrator and i mades sure that everything was joined up and that the extra part fitted within the size requirement for the wood. We then took this illustrator file down to the fab lab where they cut our chair out. We then together sanded all the parts down. I created a pattern using the lead singer of Led Zeppelin symbol because that was her favourite member and made this into a repeated pattern that we could then use on some of the slats. When it came to laser cutting we choose to laser cut 6 off the slats and wanted the pattern to be randomly placed along the chair so that it looked different from any angle you looked at.

Overall I think this project went well I think me and my partner worked well as a team and came together more when it came to the actually making of the chair. At first I found coming up with idea based of the clients interview hard. When I got into it I found it easier to come away from using the obvious. As a pair we wanted the chair to hint at things but not be obvious to other people. We also decided we wanted to include more than one of the thing she mentioned. I picked up on the fact she loved Indian Beaches so when it came to picking a design I wanted it to have a beach like chair feel to it. We used bo-house architecture for the side of the chair and the pattern was inspired by Lead singer of LED Zeppelin.



Constellation Reflective Learning Journal Post- Post-humanism

My constellation study group this term was Post Humanism with Martyn Woodward. Going into this study group I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it yet curious that it would be something I could be interested in if I gave it a chance. I also was worried that I wouldn’t be able to relate anything from this study group back to my practice. I didn’t really know much about Post Humanism so I went in with a fresh mind and open to new opinions. I didn’t really have much enthusiasm when going in to my first lesson because it wasn’t the study group I wanted but the first lesson made me change my opinion.

I did find this study group challenging i felt like a lot of the concept made no sense to me and i was finding it hard to get a hand on what was going on. I found the theory about air and thingness very interesting at first difficult to get my head round because it was very broad. I eventually got my head round the reading and seemed to be pulling theory away from each study session. I made a effort to break down each session and understand the subject area better.  This allowed me to enjoy the study group and take away things from each session. I did find the session hard from week to week getting more and more theories to get my head around. This also made it hard to get to grip with what we learnt when in subject I had such a massive deadline. I knew going into this study group and my decision to stay was going to challenging because of the way I learn I find it harder to get my head round things.  I also found it hard to think of an idea to put into an essay because as much as I was understanding some of the theories I didn’t feel like I understood enough to put it into a 4000 word essay with my own theories.

In the last weeks I had a chat about my essay and showed my Whats if? which were part of our sessions. This was where he pulled an idea from my what if and made it into a question for my essay. This was where my idea came from to look into how the Gutenberg press has shaped graphics. I wanted to write about something that I knew about and that I would find easy and interesting to write about.

I feel this study group has helped me understand the human world it also allows me to bring more into my subject. I feel that the change in times for constellation worked better as I felt I learnt more from this time period as I felt we covered more and went more in dept. I also had more time to think about each topic and take it in and understand more.  I felt this helped me to really get grips with the information and allowed me to get deep into my ideas. The way the day was set out really helped me as I don’t learn well with too much information given to me at once. I feel that breaking the day up helped me focus and gave us time as a group to talk and refine the information we learnt.  Working in groups really helped me, as it allowed me to speak to others and get there opinions on the work. It allowed me to also understand more about what we were talking about and gave me a chance to get there thoughts and opinions to help me get more of an understanding.

I have never been the best at essay writing so I found it helpful to have a whole day dedicated to essay writing and how to structure it probably. This also helped me into what to focus on. I also found it helpful to have a chat about my essay with Martyn Woodward and for him to break down my question into easy points to follow. I also found the books he gave me to look at very useful to link in with my essay question. I also felt that he alway made sure we understood what he had previous talked about and if not he would sit down with us and go over parts we didn’t understand which I found helpful because I didn’t have that support in previous study groups. For this study group essay I decided to base my essay on the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press as I wanted to then link my essay back to my subject area of Graphic Communication. It doesn’t really link to any of the ideas we looked at in class but I found this the best thing for me to write about because I knew a lot about this subject and find it easier to link my thoughts to this question. After I got my question I was mainly looking at the book understanding medias by McLuhan because this linked well to my essay question and had a lot of connections to back up my argument.

To conclude, I found this term a struggle but I’m glad I stayed with this subject area. I found this study group a lot different from Year 1 it was a bigger step than expected which meant it pushed myself further to explore new ideas.  Expanding my knowledge of this subject area made me think about me as a graphic designer and thing that we wouldn’t normally think about. The study groups have been incredibly informative, giving me a new perspective to work from and a better understanding of how to bring theories and ideas together. I found this essay very informative and the study group a lot more enjoyable than I first thought. I was given new perspectives and new idea to look into. It gave me insight in to new subject areas that I wouldn’t normally look at.

Chair Designs

From our research into our client we decided to start drawing ideas separately and then come together at the end to refine our idea. From the client I wanted to but the idea of storage into my chair as when we asked about what she wanted out of the chair and she said she would like storage or a place to put book and magazines. In my idea I tried to play around with the idea of a shelve or bookshelf to incorporate in my design. To also keep in mind the fact she loves India and maybe have the chair inspired by India.

From our drawings we came up with the idea of having a simple chair with a shelve underneath. When getting feed back on the digital version we were told it was very boring and too much of what she asked for. That no really design had gone with it. We went back to look at old design and went with a old version that we could change slightly too look like a beach chair because she loves the Indian beaches.

We also wanted to look into using a pattern which was on the chair that linked to the gigs she liked. So we looked up the symbol for led Zeppelin and used his feature for a pattern.

I used illustrator and used the pen tool to copy the image and make it my own. I then used the feature and flipped it in different ways to make various different patterns. I wanted to find the one that would work the best on a chair and looked the most stylish.

My favourite one is the first and last one because the work well when multiple without looking boring and reputable. With this design I have used two feature together to create a flower like pattern. I think this will work really well engraved on the wood.


MountBoard Models

From the ideas we have generated we needed to start making models initially in mount board. I began by sketching out my favourite three designs further to show them from different angles before trying to make a model from it.

I have worked with mount board before but I much prefer cardboard as it is easier to cut and glue together. Although our final design will hopefully slot together I chose to attach our models together with a glue gun to show the basic form as it would be easier with such a small scale.

The first is my design based off of the Big ben chair because she loved London so I wanted to see what it would look like in 3D form. The second idea was my book shelve idea. I wanted to see if this would work and once creating it I realised it would use to much wood to create it.

My final model was based off the idea of storage and shelves. I wanted it to look like a chair from the front but the surprise would be the shelve in the back. All of these ideas worked well in 3D models but all of them would have used to much material and were very much just square there was no aspects of design.

I think this 3D mont board models really helped me to get a sense of what my sketches would look like. I think it helped me decided that these idea weren’t good enough and that I needed to go back to the drawing board and get idea from my partner and use this together with my ideas to get a really good design together.



Are you sitting Comfortably? – Initial Ideas

We went back over our mood board we created that visually represented the ideas and concept given to us in the interview. I came up with a basic range of ideas that linked to things Angie liked. I came up with a variety of different ideas all linking to a different fact about her.

The things that stood out to me was her love for beaches in India and her love of London and the band LED Zeppelin. These ideas we wanted to incorporate into our designs. I also wanted to use the fact she wanted storage within my rough designs.

The ideas I came up with were pretty simple using a book shelve and a shelve in with different chair ideas.  My first ideas were a series of chairs that had a shelve or book shelve somewhere to use as storage these idea were good but wouldn’t work with the amount of material we had.



My second idea is linking in with the idea that she likes London so I used the Big Ben in a chair idea. This was a good idea initially but I think it was to obviously and didn’t really have a nice design to it.  I also feel like it looks like a church chair which means I would have to use paint to make sure the design would come through.


This idea was a deckchair feel that also had storage underneath because she loves beaches but also wanted storage within her chair. I felt that this idea was good but again felt to simple and used to much wood.


This idea is my favourite cause its simple but also has a book shelve incorporated into it. This design wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t have any strength in the chair because theirs nothing to hold it up because of the chair.


This is another version of the chair above but also using the idea of her love for India so I wanted to bring the Indian pattern into the chair as well as the book shelve.


I realised that all these design would work but they didn’t really challenge the concept that the client questionnaire gave us. They all feel to obvious as a design. I wanted the design to feel more subtle where it hints the idea but not straight away.

Are you sitting comfortably?

After our client interviews we came up with a mood-board to really pin point the likes and dislike of our client. This was to help us when it came to design the chair as a point to look back on and get inspiration from. The mood board gave me a real sense of the client overall. The key point I took age was the fact she love India and their beaches and also the band Led Zeppelin. I research about the band symbols and found that each member have a unique symbols that they use. This symbol I felt could be used as a design aspect to give our chair a pattern. I also gave a thought about the Indian beaches and how we could use this in our chair. I was thinking we could use the deck chair and loungers as inspiration.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 15.55.59.png

I wanted to make sure that the used of India beaches was used within my chair but used only as a slight hint so it didn’t over power the whole design. We also drew five sketches of five chairs using different chairs around the room getting a 3D sketch, side, front and back with dimensions and a line drawing. This was to help us get a sense of drawing chairs. To also look at the different dimension of chairs and how they each vary. I found this task really helpful but some of the chair I chose I didn’t find hard to just look for the one view as I kept wanting to draw in 3D because that is what I could see in front of me.


With our 3D drawing we used our line drawings to create wire versions. This was to get a sense of what  3D chair would look like. This helped me to see my drawings come to life. As much as a 3D drawing helps more than a flat drawing put it I think a wire model helps bring the 3D drawing make more sense to me.

I believe that this mood board help me get a better sense of the design aspects of our chairs. As it gave use a good sense of what she likes and her interest in one page. I felt this would help when it came to designing our chair because we could use this too look back on. I also found the 3D drawings helpful because it gave me a sense of the different design aspect of chairs. What works and what don’t work within each chair. Also helped to use dimension in our drawings to get a sense of what we could use for our own chairs.








Client Response questions

Today we had a meeting with our client that we are making our chair for. We had question prepared to help us understand what type of person she is and what she likes and dislike, to get a sense what she would like out of a chair.

Your favourite piece of music or song? Why?

Ive got a line on you -The spirt. Reminds her of sunshine.

Your favourite place in the world?

London – because of the people and their busy lives and culture architecture

You were granted one wish what would it be?

Cat shes minded would get better

Any Hobbies you may have currently have or had in the past?

Art, music, gigs and travelling

Your favourite artist, designer or architecture ?

Donald judge, goya

Your favourite type of food?

Curry on an Indian beach

The most memorable historical event in your life time?

Twin towers and a IRA bomb that when off when she was working in harrods when she was 18

Most memorable smell ?


What would be your perfect day ?

Jumping on a plane and going to India and then followed by a gig in the night

What part of your job do you enjoy most ?

Encouraging students and encouraging student to do their best and find a job for them that best suit them in the future.

Favourite Pet you own ?

Pet cat – cleo dies of old age

Your favourite way of relaxing?

Rubbish at relaxing so going to gigs and looking at art

Apple or android?


Favourite sport you’ve played?

Watching football

The best car you’ve owned ?

Dream car would be a 1970-1980 lambergini yellow or orange

Best car owned a convert-able Audi

Name three guest you’d invite for dinner from any part of history, past or present

  • goha artist
  • Rosa Parks
  • Robert Plant

What would you want if you had a choice in the chair?

Storage as she likes magazine and books