Letterpress: Monotype

Wednesday 28th September 

So up until today I didn’t know how to letterpress  and its something I’ve wanted to do but never had the facilities. I had come up with a sentence based on monotype which was our group name. We were then showed how to use the letter press machine and how to set up our type to print.

We then created our own sentences in the frame ready to print. We got out sentence and used metal and wood to make the letter compressed. This  looked simple but when it came to doing it my self, I found that trying to make it all keep together was harder with a longer sentence. I also had trouble when printing it that I had used a ‘b’ instead of a ‘d’ in the word made. When changing it I put it in the wrong way so it printed as a ‘p’. The final version worked really well and looked best on the thicker paper.

Once I had done completed my sentence I decided to do my name as it’s one word so its a quicker process and made me repeat the process so i could get use to it. I feel that making my mistake helped me into making a better outcome.


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