Hypography:Exploring the Word

Friday 29th September

Today we looked into Hypography and exploring word. We were asked the question what is a hybrid. I thought of something that was a crossed of two things like a pug and a eagle a ‘puagle’. This was then link into the word ‘Hypography’, in this case it is a mixes of upper and lowercase of two typefaces. For example serif and san serif.

We had to use this idea by creating a typographic hybrid by using individual parts of the letter form to create a new one. We used serif and san serif as the typeface.

This was the example we were given:


I first took a while to come up with descriptive words to use I then chose the word flexible. My initial thoughts were to make the word flexible by making it look like someone doing the splits.

Then we were told it couldn’t look like a image. So I played around with making the letter flexible. I did this by mixing san serif and serif but also slightly slanting it when I connected the two typefaces. Once I had my letter i then played around with the layout. One showing them overlapping each other to show flexibility. The other was an idea of something bending and bouncing back into place.


After this introduction i understood more on how to make the letters hybrid without making the word look like a image. You have to make the letters show the description of the word. The choice of typeface and how you mix them and also the contrast in colour.


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