Designing Modular Typefaces: Workshop

Monday 3rd October 

Today we look at Modular typography which is an alphabet that has been constructed out of a limited number of shapes or modules that can be transformed subtly by rotating and flipping this then creates a whole new alphabet.

On graph paper we designed a typeface in groups using a system that was consistent. In a group of five we were giving graph paper ours was square paper. For the first part we decided to all see what we could come up with from the graph paper. We then looked at each other and picked part from each other to make our typeface. We all then took parts of each other and interpreted it in different ways but all had a similar looking typeface.


As we all drew our typefaces we kept discussing how we could swap and change part of one to make it better. The typeface on the left is how we want it to look like we just need to make that typeface in capital letters as well. With the image on the right, the ‘rnm’ are the same just swapped and rotated.

I really enjoyed working as a group coming up with idea separately but then using each others ideas to make improvement to our overall outcome.

We then in the same groups researched the power of the poster and focused on the Rebellion of the sixties. We looked at Milton Glaser and his most famous I love New York logo. We looked at the psychedelic posters which were used for concerts and album covers. Wes wilson was the best known designer for these types of posters. Then we looked at the Polish school which were people creating their own versions of powerful imagery like no other before them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 11.37.52.png
Rebellion of the sixties.

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