Quentin Blake Exhibition

Tuesday 4th October

We went to the national museum to look at the Quentin Blake exhibition to look at the illustrations and layouts of the Roald Dahl stories, this helped with ideas for my six word story I am producing using hybrid typefaces. The layout of the exhibition was obvious, in that he has made the design of the wall to enhance his work and work with it. The emotion of the  design changed at the back to fit in with the emotion of the work.

We then in group look at our six word stories we have all come up with and together we discussed each person six words and the chose the ones that work best for them. We also all gave idea as to what they could do with each word. I feel that this helped me as I struggled to come ups with my six word stories. I felt getting other peoples opinion worked well for me as it gave me more ideas and made me think of more ideas for myself.

My six word story I am going to use is ‘Giant child snatcher delivers nice dreams’ which is inspired by the BFG. I then sketched what I wanted the words to look like. I will the play around with my typeface when I start it.



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