Six word Story : Planning

We were given a task to create a six word story using the Roald Darl stories to inspire the six words. I came up with a lot of six word stories and on Tuesday 4th October in groups we helped each other decided on what story to use. I also did a rough plan on how I wanted it layout.

I have chosen two of my favourite at first that I started planning by looking up the definition of each word and coming up with idea of what it would look like.

Before I started my actually poster I researched typeface I wanted to use and I drew everything out on paper first then transferred it onto tracing paper when I was happy with the typeface. I also used the paper copy first to play around with scale and placing on the page.

Giant: I used Fat face and serif for Gaint making the middle of the letter bigger than the rest. My idea for this was to make it look like it was coming of the page and I also wanted out to be the many focus of the piece. I also used all black for the word to show it was heavy and bigger than all the rest.

Child: I used script typeface and wanted to make the writing look like a child has written it. I wanted it to almost look child like when you look at it.

Snatcher: I used san serif and serif as I wanted to play around with the layout of the word on this one making the “SC” look like they were snatching the other letters.

Delivers: I again used serifs and san serifs but made the word horizontal to look as if it was going in a different direction to show it was delivering something.

Nice: I used italics and script and when I looked up the definition for this word it was giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive. So my idea was to make the word look nice and attractive.

Dreams: I used serif and san serif and italics. I wanted dream to look out of place by looking like counting sheep.

My six word story based on the BFG

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