Story Review and Vernacular Typography

Monday 10th October

Today we firstly reviewed our story each given a brief outline of what we have done for our six words and how we exacuted it. We then had feedback of others which helped give us a understanding of what went well and what didn’t work so well.

I really think seeing everyone’s together gave me a better understanding of how else i could have interpreted it and also helped show different hybrids.

Vernacular Typography 

We then in group had a task to present a word through expressive typography in a space of your choice. We had the word Permanent and we as a group considered the space and materials we would use to create our final image.

Our ideas were:

  • Grave yard – death is permanent
  • Locks – Paris love lock bridge
  • On body – Tattoos
  • Permanent Marker
  • Spray paint

Definition of Permanent: lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely 

When we researched permanent and it came up as ‘nothing is permanent but death’.  So after all of our ideas we as a group decided to embrace this and use the nature by going to Bute park to create a crime scene using bin bags to cover Sam so it looked like a dead body and using a tag with the letter P for the first letter of our word. We also like the idea of using the nature around us like rocks and twigs to create the rest of the word. We also wanted to use the idea of a lock as its permanent when you throw away the key. When we researched this we came across the padlock  bridge in France.

Once we had our idea we went out made a tag and got a lock and then the rest we left to when we found the right spot in the park. Our idea was to wrap crime tape around the trees have the body then the word coming off from the feet. We played around with the lettering a lot it started off with twigs and leave lied down, this didn’t work well when taking the photo it wasn’t strong enough. I had the idea to stand the twigs up and then we came up with finding bigger rocks and painting the type on with water colour.


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 19.55.57.png
Our progress

These picture show our progress and how we came to our final image. I think we worked well as a team and together came up with idea on how to make the letters stand out more. When I was taken the image I would see what needed to be changed and I would ask the other for the opinion on how we could make it better or how I could by changing the angle of the image by zooming in or where I was stood.


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 19.56.12.png
Our Final image

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