Type Specimen Designs

I have been doing research into existing typography poster to look at there layout to get inspiration for my type specimen layout. Here shows how I drew out there layout to show how simple every layout is.


From here I then looked at existing type specimen, I firstly looked at  Avenir and the decided to look at all type specimen out there to get idea for my own designs.

I printed 5 images of and then labelled the anatomy of a typeface. I looked at there layout and how everything was displayed together to give me ideas on how I could do with mine.

From here I went away and did ruff sketches of the layout and where everything would be placed. I played around with a few ideas and I took a couple future by change bits around .

I like some layouts more than other my original idea was to use the V in Avenir as a place to but my alphabet in. I then played with this idea a few time I also tried it with letter that are significant to that typeface.

I then took some ideas on to illustrator just to play around with the layout and design to see it on a screen before I take my final design on to indesign.

I have looked at all three of these designs and I like each one for different reasons. Each one works in its own way so I need to go back and look at how i can make one of them better than its original design.



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