The Body in Art and Design

What would we do today if we had no idea what was inside the body, this was the case there was a time when the body and how it works was unknown. This was because opening a body was going against God. We now live in a world where we do all sorts of things with our body and even change the way it looks with cosmetic surgery, prosthetic limbs and tattooing tphe skin.

In our first lesson we went into the history of the body and how people were unaware of what was inside and didn’t know what to do with the inside of a human body. Things such as plastic surgery were used in the war to recreate face injuries and almost create a mask.

After we looked into the body’s history we were asked to look at how the body connects to our chosen subject area and how things I create can link. My subject being graphics I thought about things like sign post on a road like stop or turn left these are all direction that we read and our body reacts to them.

Graphic design is linked to the body in more ways than you would think. Even a magazine or a book is making the reader need to turn each page.  If it wasn’t for Graphic signs aScreen Shot 2016-10-19 at 19.22.49.pngnd directions are need to guide the body around. We used signs like the picture below to direct us tell us where to go. These sign help as we read them our body reacts and follows.





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