Type Specimen Design Process

I have finished my research for my Type specimen and from the designs I have done on illustrated I asked my family and friends which design they think I should take further. My three designs were all very different I have looked into using all three but I think that design 1 and 2 are a little out there and don’t work with the style of type.

I have taken design 3 on to Indesign I first did the title Avenir on illustrated and copied it over in to indesign. I then went back in to Illustrator to do the Alphabet that was going in to the ‘V’. Here shows me putting the alphabet into the V and trying to arrange the letter with even spacing. I found this difficult but I kept with it and went on to add the rest.

From here I kept to my simple design and added my body copy and used the column to space the text evenly. I put each paragraph over two columns which worked well and was easy to read.



Here show my idea i created in illustrator I knew this was the design I wanted to stick with but at the moment I feel like this design is to simple and has too much white space and doesn’t show off the type enough.






So from my first idea I added the date the type was designed to show off the numbers in this type. I used bigger numbers in the background to make the type look more interesting. I also think it works well because the V has the same overlap. I still felt it looked very plain toward the bottom underneath the text.




Here I then started playing around with over lapping and changing opacity of the grey shades. I wanted to use the same character size but overlapping them in different ways. I felt it was coming together but it wasn’t all align correctly.



From here I had three idea come from one I had added to the simple design. I then printed each design off because I wanted to see which one worked the best which grabbed the eye the most. I decided that in the image below the one on the right hand side show the font avenger off the most and grabbed the attention of the reader.

Process of Type Specimen


Once I knew this was my final idea I wanted to sit down and looked at what need tweaking to make it look better.  I knew that the letter in the V were out of line and had big gaps in-between. The LG logo also felt to big and was the first thing you looked at so I’m going to make it smaller and move it to the bottom right hand corner. I also need to remove the Hyphenation. I also wanted to see if changing the weight of the capital letter in the V would make it look more eye catching.

For my final design I completely changed the letters in the V and used Heavy for all the Capital letters and used light for all the lower case letters I also made sure there was equal spacing between each letters and made it as V shape as I could. Overall it looked much better and showed off the type a lot more.  I also change the hyphenation of my paragraphs and slightly lowered each one to allow it to read better. I also used 3 different percentage of opacity for the character going under the many body type. I used a mixture of 40%,20% and 10% opacity for each character. I then used this for each of the V in Avenir and overlapped them.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 21.03.48.png
Final Design

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