Why don’t men wear skirts?

This was the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of the lesson. I first thought was it just because they don’t want a label.

We imagine as a body that we are entirely ‘free’ because of out root in society we don’t have to be back at anytime and the police aren’t keeping us inside our home. We are considered a subject that has vast rules which control our body.

In the body were controlled a lot more by

Religion, suppression of appetites actual and sexual i.e sin also the concept of heaven and hell. This idea was known that if you were good you would go to heaven and if you didn’t follow the rule you would go to hell.

Panopticon is the idea of a prison with a tower in the middle. The idea is to control the body because of being constantly watched. He is seen, but he does not see; he is the object of information never a subject in communication. We were given the idea visibility is a ‘trap’. In the modern day CCTV is watching us at all time trying to control us into doing the right thing. Also social media is being watched by anyone and can stop people from getting job if the wrong thing is posted.

We are a subject and we have object such as a cup this is passive and can be owned. It is never the owner and is not fee it cannot communicate or  it can only do so in one way. We as bodies are the subject we are considered as free and have a powerful freedom. We do not need a owner and can all communicate freely.

This idea of control as a body has happened all through out life even know we are considered as free. We at a early age had the school system where we were controlled by time and being places on time. We are also controlled by health care you don’t have to go to your jabs but you are controlled in a way that it is the right thing to do for your health.

We were then given the idea of the car and had to discuss how the car controls the body. We came up with the idea that you are controlled by others in car in a sense that if they stop you have to. You are controlled by the law in a way that you have to go the speed limit and follow things like the high way code in order to stay healthy. Your body does control the car but in a sense the car controls you in a way the you have to change gear for it work. It also has control in the way of your freedom as you have to take a test to be able to work a car.

This all lead up to the question why do we expect men and women to dress differently. Men dress up as women but for a act. Women dress like men in the sense they wear trousers. In the past women didn’t wear trousers it was seen as a sign of disrespect. Women are seen as more free in what they can wear. It is again a control in the way that they can’t wear what they want because of this idea of a label.


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