Cardiff in Photos

Today we looked at Cardiff through photo using the 4 words:

  • CuriousCITY
  • Greenest Gem
  • Biggest smallest city
  • Theatre of dreams

From these four words we applied it to the city around us. We had researched beforehand and found that the stadium in Cardiff has been said to be a green gem of the city because from a birds eye view it looks like a green diamond.  We had also researched into the Roald Dahl in Cardiff castle.

When getting into the city we came up with ideas for all four and placed around with a few ideas. My idea for Biggest smallest city was to go on to a car park and look down on the city which would have worked well if it wasn’t for the weather. We then went into St davids and decided to play around with ideas in there.

For CuriousCITY we looked at the rabbit on the Castle wall but also wanted to play with the idea of look through something from a child point of view. When it came to editing we realised that the rabbit work well because of the facial expression and the angles taken at.

Theatre of dream we were thing literally like theatre billboards and using that with different angles. We then used a dream catcher and looked through that with the camera to capture a dream like view of the city and the theatre in the background. This gave a sense of just coming out of a dream and only recalling some of it.

Once we had our photos we went into photoshop and played around by editing each one to bring the photo out more.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 18.09.53.png
Greenest Gem

For this image we wanted to bring the out from the sky as in the original image it wasn’t standing out as much. We used selective colour to bring out the white in the stadium and we also edited some of the stadium so it was green to link with the title.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 18.10.02.png

For this image we wanted to make the image look curious and almost as if you couldn’t make out the image at first. We did this by whiting the ears and making the black on the rabbit stand out from the trees. We also added contrast to the trees and changed the level as they were looking very fake.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 18.10.09.png
Biggest Smallest City

This image we took in the centre of the city and wanted to show the big place and then towards the end of the image it getting smaller. Also the image is meant to make you look into detail of the shops names and typefaces.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 18.10.17.png
Theatre of dreams

This image is literal in the sense of the dream catcher but we wanted to make that the main focus of the image and show the blurred image in the background give a sense of a city and the theatre. We wanted it to looked blurred and looked like something out of a dream.


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