Introduction to reading images

We today looked in to how to read a image which starts with identifying the choice made by designer. We need to consider various components work together.

We were given a way in which we can analysis a image properly.

Description Analysis Theoretical
Identify component of images Analysis possible meaning Quotation from academic study
Obvious description of image Feeling about piece evidence
E.G red rose Romance passion “Quote support this” anything that links
Red dragon cover
close up of face evil, intense, mysterious, bad something to hide
half in shadow
takes over half of poster
small image in centre in lower half
walking towards camera
red dragon Light vs dark
first and most terrifying chapter
red lights
black background Darkness, unpredictable doesn’t know when image ends
small image looks trapped
way he’s place makes him look more important
Like a cat and a mouse

Images and meanings

How does the design of the poster:

  • illustrate narrative of film?
  • Outline key motifs/themes and character relationships
  • Use text to anchor image
  • Image/framing
  • Colour/setting/typography
  • Narrative
    Description Analysis Theory
    Red sky temperature, danger
    Sun not a nice place to be
    Letter was to late, don’t make same mistake as him
    Deodorant bottle bottles white to look the coolest
    Ocean Red everything warms
    Figures of greek mythology ancient times scroll and typeface
    Story of icarus
    Old paper old story use of modern language playing around with historical sources
    Paper burnt shows how hot it is
    Wings keeps cool
    Rock shows danger, exotic

    Overall aim

  • to critically reflect on how means are serenade through visual design to apply to your own practice

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