Regulating Bodies

How are bodies controlled?

The Panopticon

The panopticon is a type of  institutional building designed as a type of prison by the english philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century.

The idea was the idea of visibility to be seen or not be seen. The fact that this building had a prisoner cells arranged around the outer wall and the central dominated by an inspection tower. This tower could be watched from at anytime but the prisoners  themselves would never be able to the inspector himself.


The theory was the new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind. The mind is assuming that the governor was alway watching the inmates. The inmates would modify their behaviour and work hard in order to avoid punishment as they would never know when they are being watched.

This is related to the body in terms of control and the different ways in which the body can be controlled.

In the past religion was a main cause of control because of the concept of going to heaven or hell this would be if you committed a sin such as sex. The panopticon was seen as a way in which we could control the body through a form of physiological control. This would then modify the body’s behaviour. The design would insure they had no idea when they were being watched at many given time but they knew there was alway that possibility.

In our day we could link the panopticon with CCTV. The difference is although we all know its there people are not as bothered by it as the panopticon.

Object vs subject 

Bodies can be objectified this then allows itself to be controlled by someone else and can be owned this mean it isn’t free and communication is only one sided.

We all in a way as a bodie are objectify ourselves in a sense of “selfies” which is a common thing in todays day and age. Once the photo is taken we display this on social media for example and allow others to look at it. We try and put up the best version of ourself online only given someone a snap shot of your life. We are controlled through social media which is mainly photo based. We want others to see us at our best. We therefore edit out photos with filters or to edit out blemishes. This is similar to the painting of people in the olden days. tHey portray the best version themselves like henry the eight never portray the side of his leg which is infected.


Overall .. 

The body can be controlled in more than one way. It’s seems to us that we are a free human being and we aren’t controlled but reality is that we are. There are a lot more expectations now with social media.  We also allow our selfs to be controlled even from a early away we were controlled by time in school.




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