Who are they? Implicit/ Explicit

We looked into images that are Implicit and Explicit these mean:

Explicit: Stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.
“the arrangement had not been made explicit”

Implicit: suggested though not directly expressed.

“comments seen as implicit criticism of the policies”
We then got into pair and for 15 minutes discussed what each other like and dislike are and how we are as a person. I was with Megan and we are friends so we looked at how we see each other.  We had to create a image that depicted how we are as a person. So we had one image for each of us and had to put it on a document.
With Megan we discussed that she is full of drama not as in she’s dramatic but the story she tell and her family life is full of drama as much as she stresses she still put  a smile on her face so that’s the a
ngle we went with.
Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 17.24.02.png
With me we decided to show the side that only someone who got to know me would know. From the outside I’m very shy and quite person but to people I know well i’m described as sassy and very sarcastic so that what we tried to get from this image.
Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 17.23.29.png
The image above are our finial images we had many idea on how we were going round it. With Megan we wanted to capture drama, stress and happy at the same time.  So the idea was to have her holding her hair to look stress but her facial expression to be happy. We also sat her down to add more drama. With my picture we wanted to show sarcasm so the thumbs up was like sarcastic like I don’t really care and with the facial expression we wanted to show I wasn’t really bothered. The eyebrow I think was a key feature to showing sarcasm as I always raise my eyebrows and roll my eyes.
Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 17.23.15.png

I found this task really enjoyable because we had to show our personality without using words. It was difficult to think of the way we would do it but I think the hardest things is making the face when a camera is in front of you. I find it most difficult because i hate having my photo taken. I also learnt that a simple bit of editing like raising the contrast in the photo can make a photo more dramatic.

We also looked at a News paper and in group decided on the layout, age group, images and who its aimed at? We looked at the images in the paper and looked to see if they were explicit or implicit and we decided it was mainly all explicit. We decided that the paper daily express had articles based on really news but the paper contain mainly adverts that took up most of the pages. We decided it was aimed at men from 25-50.


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