Developing digital variants

Tuesday 1st November

Using photoshop we were asked to make a series of images from a similar artwork using for the screen print. I will as a starting point make a half tone image. Create a second layer and make a drawn shape or series of shapes that relate to the image/s in the photo.

Using the potentials of:

  • Layers (label each layer descriptively as you make them)
  • Colour adjustments / inversions
  • Varying opacities
  • Moving positions of layers

For my digital variants I used a similar image to what I used in my screen print, I then used this image and the pen tool. The pen tool works in a way that i drew a path round the kiwi which then added a new path into the path panel. Each path I used green for the background of the kiwi and then the middle of the kiwi I used orange.

I wanted the image to look like it was still kiwi but also to look distorted. Using the pen tool i went around and inside each kiwi making them all there individual path so I could then fill them in with colour. This one I wanted to keep to two colour.

Final Image of digital variants using two colours

I like this image but I feel it is very child like the colour need to be different and I think i could use the curve on the pen tool better. If I was to do this again I would be more precise with the curve tool I would also edit the image first so the image was my own design. screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-16-32-20

Here I am showing my second digital variant and showing how i selected the path and used the fill path tool to then use a colour picker to fill in the chosen area in the right colour.

Second Digital Variant

Here is my second digital variant which is a lot better than the first one I used a simple image of a kiwi sliced up. I then used the magnetic lasso tool to then go around the chosen part of the kiwi which I copied and pasted and put one in every corner. The original image looked like this:unknown

Once I thought I was finished with the pen tool i realised there was a few parts of the kiwi skin that hadn’t been filled in and made the image look un complete so I did the and changed the colour slightly by darkening the brown to add dept to the image.


Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 17.23.59.png
Final image

I went in again and made the image more precise and the colour more accurate.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 20.13.25.png
More abstracted version 

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