Reading image and representation

Wednesday 2nd November 

How can all aspect of visual design convey meanings about characters and their identities ?

We looked at two bond movies posters and compared them using the columns

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.09.26.png

Description Analysis
Wearing suit Masculinity, more power, smart,rich
Has a gun Dnager,power,been used, shot someone
Women behind in tight clothes and underwear Exposed make women look less significant.
Red writing Danger
Red hand look like blood
Half of bond is visible mysterious
Little guy on side Mysterious unknown less powerful got something to hide
Larger than women dominant they are waiting in line for him
Women Considered sexy look from left to right the women get smaller and more clothing, more clothes less important
Arms folded closed body language something to hide
Cigarette calm chilled
Leaning forward drawing you in with confident
Bonds facial expression pleased with himself
fully clothed women Might be putting clothes back on facing camera and connection with bond defined as sexually exotic east asian like
Showing leg connection with bond defined as sexually exotic east asian like
In front of women More dominant

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 15.09.17.png

Description Anaylsis
Bond in front Unaware whats next protecting girl behind
Gun faced away from camera On guard
Blue lady behind Calm/sadness in control
Lady has gun point at gun more dominant she’s important than him
Bonds wearing a suit
Women has serious facial expressions Suspicious Masculin
Gun looks like its being held to head Bigger gun statue doesn’t know there because looking at us
Arms crossed
Half of her mysterious
Body language of bond open worried doesn’t look in control
White suit shows he’s vulnerable
Blue statue robotic doesn’t look like flesh got mystery

This shows that the two compare because the women in the first were vulnerable but in the second the women was in control being strong and powerful.



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