Frame for a Photographic Portrait

Friday 4th November

I was asked to design a plinth to support a photographic portrait for a frame. This should be constructed from from detail of an object that relates to that person. This will be done in photoshop by simply cropping and copy and pasting the image in to create a pattern.

For this task i took a image of my sister and used a Olly Murs Cd because my sister is a massive fan and this is her favourite album.  I cropped the image of the cd so you couldn’t really make out what the object was. I then brung in guides so they clicked to each edge of the section.  I then copied the image to then edit, transform and flip the image to create a simple pattern.I repeated this so it was big enough to be a frame for my portrait.

My thoughts:

Initially when I used the grid system the photo didn’t line up properly and left gaps in between and also the background in the image distracted away from the portrait.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.26.31.png

I decided to change this and this time went back in and zoomed in so it was more precise and I then went back in to blacken the background on the portrait. I added the photo to the frame I then used the quick selection tool to select the background on the image I then used the brush to, to make the background darker. Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.35.34.png

Here this shows how I am taking parts of the background and darken it to take the distraction away to make the frame the main focus.



This is my final image where I have used my grid system more precise and got rid go the spaces in between the image. I also wanted to change the background in the portrait but i’m not sure if I prefer then left or right image more.

Once I did the frame I went and done another one with the vaseline pot which I would then layer the two frames together. With this one i really zoomed in on the image to just capture the colour of the vaseline pot. vaseline Hannah 3.jpg

I made the frame using the same process as last time here some screen shots:

With this I then wanted to copy the Olly Murs frame in as a border from the portrait image to see what the frames looked like layered up together.

Using both frames

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