SERIES: Images

Tuesday 8th November 

Today our brief was to design a set of images that will be used to promote summer courses for 18/19 year olds. The courses can be in academic subjects (physics, history, economics, etc) or vocational subjects (hair dressing, bicycle maintenance, carpentry etc).

With this brief I chose to look into art and design as my chosen subject as this was my favourite subject when I was 18/19. I came up with a few idea that were linked to art materials. I sketched some idea of chalk breaking off , pencil and sharpening and decided to go home and use my art supplies and camera to get some images to play around with.

These were the three idea I went away and edited them in photoshop to change the colour and contrast. We also went in and cropped the images to bring attention to the material and what has broken from the materials.

These were the three final image of our series showing all materials that have pieces that have broken off or come from to show a link to each image. I change the colour of the image so they all used the same three colours red, blue and yellow and tried to keep the colours in a similar order.


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