Hockney Images

Tuesday 15th November 

We were set a task to create a image in groups using the David Hockney style for out image module. For this we had to create a image that represented a journey or collaboration. We were meant to work in pairs so we worked in a group of five and create two image as we needed more people in the photo than just one so we came together. We brain stormed ideas and thought about journey on stairs, through a door a leacture . We then thought about a collaboration people talking, dressing the same and discussing.

We then as a group went out and tried our stairs idea first which didn’t work it wasn’t effective enough. We also tried the journey of walking though a door that also wants effective enough. We then chose to go into a lecture theatre and take a series of photo showing the change in action throughout the lecture.  We took a lot of photo to show the change in movement throughout so we had a lot to play with when it came to editing overall.

We then for the second image went into the heart space and chose to all discuss a piece of work showing a collaboration of people and work. We chose to all discuss one piece of work and all look like we were collaboratively thinking about the piece.

Once we had our photo me and two partners went away and edited out lecture images to show it overtime using the style of Hockney images I have three edited version i made it more distorted and showed each stage.

1st attempt
2nd attempt
Final Version

I did three each time adding more parts of different images to make the people in the image look like they were moving. I finally decided that I needed to move the chairs around as well so thats what I did in the finally image I got a lot of image of the chair up and picked bits of each photo to crop in.


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