Series 2 – Photography and Beauty

For our new task we had to do the same as last time with two new topics and using more precise measurements. I decided I wanted to do it in something I was interested in and used a lot, also something that could be easily accessible to me.


For my first subject I decided to choose beauty as using makeup and hair products is part of my everyday life. When I think about beauty I think about how I always use a product and a brush to cover my face to make it look better. My series or image would be things i used with a brush that links it together.

These are the image I took for beauty I then had to use the measurement and think about what image would work best in the space given. My first set of measurements were 1400 x 200mm portrait which I chose to use the image of the eyeshadows. The second is 280 x 40 mm landscape which I used the image of foundation and brushes. The third is 100 x 55 mm portraits and used the image of the power brush. The fourth was 55 x 40mm landscape I used the image of all the brushes.

For image image i wanted them to work in there measurement but also link to now another with the colours I used so I chose to keep a constant colour theme of green and blue. I used the quick selection tool and hue/saturation to change the colour put still keep the image quality.

100 x 55 mm
55 x 40 mm
140 x 200 mm
280 x 40 mm


For my second subject I chose to do photography as it was I have been doing photography for the last two years and I really enjoy it. I use my camera mainly for my A-levels but it has now become something I take with me incase I see anything interesting I take snap shots.

These image I took had to link so i choose to link them with colour of black and white and purple. I wanted to show the links with the lens in the camera. I also edited them so they all had the same filter of a photocopy look. I also looked at the dimensions I had to work with and from there decided which image would work best.

100 x 55 mm
140 x 200 mm
55 x 40 mm

For this project the two subject I chose I wanted them visually to look different but the image within each subject to link and look the same my graphic stratergies  was to keep the colour the same throughout each image and for keep the filter the same. With the beauty images I wanted to make sure they all looked similar by flipping some of the images.


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