Narrative Workshop

Tuesday 22nd November 

So for this narrative workshop we look at images and how images can tell a narrative through what we don’t see in the frame. We were told to choose a image but weren’t told what we were doing with it. We were then told to split our page into 12 and then she told us that we can look at the image and imagine what going on around the image.

Using the 12 square I used the image and imagine what was going on around the frame and drew this in the square thinking about looking through the clock what was the other side of the image and who was the man behind the shadow.


This was my image I looked at so my main focus was who was the person who made the shadow. I looked at him from many angles and also looked at it through the clock and from behind the wheel . I wanted to capture what the man looked like from my imagination.


Here are my sketches I feel by just doing this exercise I realised there is more to a photo than meets the eye it was also interesting when I found another person in my class who did the same image and how we had intuprated  it in different ways. We then had to look at our own image and look at how we could create a sense of a story and easily I could see a pattern from the original image to the ones I interrupted from the image.

We then used these and made a ruff book out of it to get the full idea of narrative and how we can get a story from just one image.


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