Magazine Layout

Friday 25th November

Here are many different layout to a magazine which I research in order to give me ideas for my layout. I wanted to see how they used the double page spread with the text and the image and how I could pay around with the layout depending on the image and text I am given to work with.

I have to design the entire layout including the front cover for my book and I would like mine to maybe include a contents page. I would like it to have a simple flowing layout with a constant theme flowing throughout.


The first one I like because of the numbers and the way they have used negative space to make it simple but effective.


I like this one because of the use of black and negative space and how the image look very effective on a black background. I also like the way they used the I for the contents as well as in THIS.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-18-33-07I like this one because of the colour and how they have used the double page well by filling one page with an image but keeping the other page simple but with enough detail.


I like the use of colour but I really like the layout using the text in the middle as the main place you look at and the the image behind that doesn’t over power the page.


I like this layout as it has a lot of of text but it is displayed in a way where it doesn’t look like a boring amount of text. I also love the colour with a little bit of yellow.

I think for my layout I would use the double page by having one page for the image and the other for that artist information. I will see what this look like when I play around with layout.

Front Cover 

I like these front cover because they are simple but effective giving a clear image and clear title.  I like the simpleness of the image and title. I like the way they have all got a different filter on them .



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