Layout tutorial

For this morning tutorial we recapped on all the things we learnt about for indesign layout. This includes the layout of elements on a page that looks visually pleasing and reads correctly. Here are a few element to consider:

  • Symmetrical
  • Asymmetrical
  • A clear path for the eye
  • Hierarchy
  • Use of Grids, columns and margins
  • Text adjustments
  • Line length
  • Design system
  • Balance (between white space and design)

I think this was really useful to do before i start on indesign as it gave me the knowledge on what i needed to consider within my design and what I think works best to show off my design qualities.

Task 1: Word Block 

Our first task was a word block task to look at leading, kerning,justification and rag and also looking at line length. We were given a paragraph and we had to cut and stick it down whilst considering all these things. It was hard to get even line spacing because the line were so small it wasn’t very accurate it was also hard to get the line lengths because of the word length were different every line.

fullsizeoutput_31a.jpegI feel that this help make me aware of how important it is to consider all these factors. I should use this a consider this when I go on to indesign for my booklet.

Task 2: Layout

For the second part of the workshop we looked at layout. Looking at different layout such as portrait and symmetrical, portrait and asymmetrical, landscape and symmetrical or landscape and asymmetrical. We had to create 3 layouts using magazine on a A4 piece of paper using a rectangular block of text, a heading and and image using a minimum of 3 elements and a maximum of 5 elements. img_0657I chose to do a portrait symmetrical layout which worked really well as i used a heading with the image underneath then the test below it again. I cut the peice  out and before I stuck them down I played around with the layout. img_0656

I then looked at a portrait asymmetrical layout which I think was more fun to do as I could play around with the layout more. It still had a system but it was easier to play around with different layout which I considered many before sticking it down.


My third layout was landscape asymmetrical which I felt once I stuck it down I felt it didn’t look very asymmetrical and didn’t look playful enough.


Task 3: Layout part two

This task followed on from the second task and for this one we got into pair and made note based on our layout and discussed which layout need more work. We had to pick out one of our design and in pair discuss what needed to be changed. My partner chose my landscape layout and said I needed to move the title and play around with it more as the title was very symmetrical.


Using the photocopy I made a copy and changed the layout like my partner said and i feel this tasked help on make me realise that you can play around with something more and change it a tiny bit to give it that little bit more of a better layout.




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