Designboom Research

designboom is the worlds most popular digital magazine. It was founded in Milan in 1999 and it has 4 million readers and 450000 subscribers.The website is based on architecture of buildings.

The independent publication for key contemporary issues and critique of all aspects of art, architecture technology and design, especially those topics which enrich the dialogue between creative professionals, industry and society.
reports from major international design shows, architecture and art exhibitions; interviews and portraits of the protagonists in the contemporary creative scene; design history and in-depth information on the creators of design classics.

They have won many award such as

TOP100 design influencers in the world

TOP100 ‘people who count’ in design

2013 WEBBY AWARDS honorable mention best cultural blog

2014 WEBBY AWARDS nomination
best lifestyle

I looked into this website to give me a idea of how I was going to go about my layout for my ephemera I looked at the colour screen to give me idea of what colour stock to use which seems to be black and yellow. I also research there social media so I could include this in my design .

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