Bookbinding Workshop

We then in the afternoon had a session on book binding which we learnt how to bind a book and created our own book. To create our book as a group e went through it step by step. To start with, we had to create 4 A4 sheets from a sheet of A2. This was done by foLding the paper used a folding bone which made a crease in paper to make it easier to cut later. To cut this we used a shoe knife and using it at a angle we cut the bottom of the paper, to create 4 A4 pieces of paper. I found the cutting the hardest as it wasn’t neat or straight on my first time.

After we had our 4 piece of paper we folding them again in half using the folding bone, we then had to create holes to thread through. To do this we had to take and measure 1 and half from the edge of the paper and then in between both for the middle. We then put all pieces of paper together and used a tool to pierce the 3 holes where the marks had been made insuring it went through all pages.

Too thread the paper we used thread I choose blue we put the needle through our thread. Starting in the middle going on from the back of the pages, we then had to thread all the pages going through the top and bottom holes to make it secure. Using the crease bone again we went back along the crease to make the thread tighter. We then had to create out back and front covers using cardboard to do this i traced my page and cut this using a scalpel and rule making this two separate piece the same size.

With this we then had to join them together to do this we had a book binding material. We cut this make sure it covered a equal amount of each piece. We used PVA glue to glue it in place and also sticking the two piece together. We used watered down PVA because it dries much quicker and did this for both of the covers.

We then had to create inside covers using coloured paper I chose blue. To do this we needed to A4 piece of paper so going back in with the show kind we cut out piece of paper. We then folded the paper and we glues one side of the inside cover and putting a thin strip down the spine this was to stick it the other pages. We did this to both sides and then put weight on it over night to make the book stay together. I think this workshop was really fun and messy. I think i will defiantly use this in the future as once you know what to do i think it would be quicker.




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