Ephemera Design Ideas

We have been working toward our final  ephemera design which i have looked into with research on magazine layouts and research on the designers

Jessica Walsh 

One of the designer included in out booklet was Jessica Walsh who is an American designer, illustrator and art director. She was born and raised in New York and she began designing websites at the age of 11. In her work she likes to use bold and bright colour whilst using a lot of typography. Her work she produces is always fun and playful.




Sawdust is the creative partnership of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton who are based in London. There work is professional and they create innovative typography and display brand typeface, visual identities and image creations. They give a sophisticate vibe and use asymmetrical and contemporary.



Morag Myerscough 

Morag Myerscough is a founder of multi disciplinary design practices studios. Her work is characterized by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the design, using it to create community and build identity. Morag makes places from spaces that people like to be in, which stimulate and often make you smile



Veronica Fuerte

Veronica Fuerte is a designer and illustrator who is from Barcelona. In 2007 she founded her own studio called hey studios and the client company have been Apple, The Wall Street Journal and MACBA. They have used colour, geometry and typography are used to find graphic solutions.



Oded Ezer 

Oded Ezer is a graphic artist and design educator and has pioneered in the field of 3D lettering. Before he started his career as a designer he was a poet and musician who lived in Jerusalem and London. His work is extremely playful and experimental, producing exciting outcomes that standout and appeal to the audience.



Felix Pfaffli 

Felix Pfaffli is from Sweden and is a graphic designer who set up his own design studio in 2010. His website displays his design projects like magazine covers and T-shirt graphics. His work is g bold type and flat colours. He also uses brush strokes, different textures, gradients and collage effects to create illustrative imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 16.14.01.png


Eike König 

He is a founder and director of Berlin based in design studio, HORT which is know for the free spirt and experimental approach. He keeps his style minimalist and bold which include a lot of typography.



After researching the designer I went on to the design boom website to get a feel for the website and how I would use their design in my work. I had two main layout idea in mind it was just a case of taken them in to indesign and see what best fitted the designers.


The second Idea didn’t work because the image would have taken a whole page meaning the people with a lot of text wouldn’t have really fitted .  So I went with my first idea with the image at the top over both pages.



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