Ephemera Design Process

I finally had enough researcher and a rough idea of my approach so I went into indesign and started my design. I designed my front cover and then my first design Jessica Walsh who had the most writing I work with her to get it into the 6 column grid system. This had to be the most challenging part I managed to fit her in with a 8 line spacing and size 9 font. I then got the rest into the grid system using a 9pt size font and a 10 line spacing.

My front cover and back cover I wanted to be the same so I edited and cropped the image of the two boys in sawdust and placed them big on the front cover having the title design boom at the top and the rest of the information following it. With the back I did the same but I tinted the image grey and faded it on to the back.


When I had formative feedback the main issue was the page with Jessica Walsh as every page was consistent but I had changed the line spacing a lot to fit her onto two page. The image shows the line spacing. I was told I could used the page in front to start her and spread it over 2 and a half page which I felt was a good idea as I didn’t think about doing it. I was also told to think about including every designer on the front cover and changing the location so they can be seen when printed out. I also needed to consider spelling mistake and changing the title of the designer to make them bigger. I also needed to make the social media logos smaller.

I went back in to indesign and considered all these factors and when changing Jessica Walsh came across some difficulty as to layout with weather to leave the two page spread how it was and still have a mini image and the title on the first page or  have half of the face on each side I tried both and peferred the last one.

For the front cover I decided to used the space on the bottom to add mini image of the other 6 designers to create a front cover that shows you what to expect inside. I also changed the chapter logo to white and added it above all the designers.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.48.40.png

Jessica Walsh I rearrange the whole page changing the line spacing first so it was all the same as the other 6 and then made Jessica Walsh go on to the page with Oded Ezer to start the title and opening quote with a image of half her face then keep the layout on the second page but with moving the image over to just the right hand side.

On the back I change the image to make them smaller and also made sure I used the right hierarchy to make certain things more important than others.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 15.49.03.png




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