Sustainability Manifesto

Monday 23rd January

Following our introduction into the Spanish civil war we were given our one day project based upon ‘Manifestos’ as these were used by both sides in the Spanish civil war. We were given a template of a manifesto and worked with that to come up with our own. From group discussion we had to come up with a common interest. My groups concern was the environment and we concentrated on Sustainabitly. We felt it was important to show that there is a big issue with consumerism.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 16.31.12.png

We then from this got into smaller groups of two and had to represent out manifesto visually with a paper pop up. Me and my partner concentrated on the tree and the city surrounding it and also the factory and consumers destroying it and wanted to portray the message or reduce, reuse and recycle. We used green with in our work to show the environment and with some pop up like the factory we didn’t pop them up we left it green as a shadow to show impact.

Overall I’m pleased with out outcome and it was nice to see how as a group we all approached the tasked differently and had different outcome that all linked. It was nice to work in a group with some people from other fields.


Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 16.31.12.png


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