Guernica Planning

Tuesday 24th January


Guernica is a painting by Picasso in 1937

  • In the 20’s/30’s role art had to playing society.
  • Lighter and darker
  • Light doesn’t respond to the inside/outside?
  • Central events minor events either side
  • What was it?

The bombing 26th April 1937

-fleet of german/Italian that bombed the Guernica wanted to see if they could destroy the town

-incendiary bombings 1940s -everything was damaged success for germans -set patterns to see how they destroyed other cities.

Picasso was approached by the republican

Creative process

-more clear in first drawing

– he had similar paintings

-1935 minotauromachy finished 4th june 1937

Painted by spanish pavilion paris 1937

Guernica tapestry new york.

From this we then went back in our same groups as the day before and had to work togethescreen-shot-2017-01-27-at-16-31-12r to recreate the guernica using our manifesto of sustainability of the environment. Using black and white and one colour. We followed the pattern of what the original guernica focal points were. We used our manifesto and as a group came up with ideas on how we were going to show our manifesto as a Guernica piece. We decided to stay with the three parts and use a Factory on fire on the right hand side showing it inside and outside like the original. We decided the light in Guernica in the middle at the top with be the sun and the fire and bird going towards it. In the middle there will be dead and burning trees with a diving horse. On the left hand side there will be a business cat to show the idea of a consumer. We will be using black and white paint and the orange for fire and sun.


Putting things in place 



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