Expressive type and Formatting

Today we looked at how type can sound expressive and how we hear it and know that a certain word or phrase has been said louder to have more effect we were given a task where we had to listen to some saying and through type show the expression.

I found this task hard to get use to at first but after listening many time you could see how the voice changed to express words some more than others. I also used capital letter and lower case to express the importance of the word. I also used layout and display to show this as well. IMG_0678.JPGI feel this task help in showing what is more important, when it comes to our booklet project using things like hierarchy to show the importance of certain time and dates. I feel it came in handy when deciding what to do with the questions and answer in the body copy to make them stand out and look like separate things.

The next part of the task was using format with in a booklet to show layout and pace so we made a mini booklet with a A4 sheet and using one of the saying from the previous task we had to display through the pages showing the more important words had the most space.



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