Protest Manifesto

The lecture on Protest was  based on political ephemera this was looking into different forms of protests and examples such as placards and banners. We looked into how the  power of protest can shape the world through the impact of word, image and narrative. We looked at suffragette movement exploring into the pro comparing and anti ephemera that shows us the difference in their political views and there beliefs. They were pushing women into voting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.41.33.png

They were approaching into a lot of different anti suffragette propaganda. These would make women look like foul creatures that will take over the world making the freedom of their vote seem like a bad choice. These posters make an impact as they are frightening and pushing people to vote against women voting.

We also looked at poster that were more to the point with the Anti Vietnam protests which were more unrefined and straight to the point. They weren’t trying to look pretty and make and impact that way they were trying to be memorable. We then went on to look at how this propaganda is relevant today and how powerful it can be as well as looking at some ephemera examples from protests that are ongoing. We looked into the protest happening about Donald Trump and how some people have protest for so long.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.45.34.png

One day Project


Today we were shown how they used banner and poster to protest and show a simple statement. In our groups we had to come up with a piece of printed ephemera that will show our message of our manifesto.

We looked at many people in art who have used poster and statement to show a movement.

Our manifesto is sustainability and we wanted to look at recycling and wastage in daily life for example water. We wanted to used the idea of a man like destroying the planet as he keep saying do it later like we all do but not atchally knowing the impact. We were first thing staying simple with a poster and showing a foot with all thing consumers waste. Then we had the idea of a comic strip to be used in a newspaper and wanted to stick with having a daily life of a person showing the wastage and the impacts of this which we wouldn’t normally considering when simple leaving the tap one to brush your teeth.

Our idea was to create a 6 square comic strip using illustrator this story will show in three strips how the man destroy the world and in the other 3 the impact of his decisions. Below is our finished project and showing that when he leave the tap on that the polar bear and the ice caps are the impact. When buying a coffee in a cardboard cup is destroying animals homes. The last one shows how chucking something away might not go away and means that it can be a danger to animals.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 19.10.54.png
Final Project

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