Storyboard Workshop

As we are creating a animation as part of field a big part of that is the storyboarding. It allows you to clearly lay out your animation breaking it down into visual key shot or frame and putting the simplest amount of dialogue in them. My field group watched a short advert and had to break it down in to a format of storyboard.

We split the video in to two part and then the other member analysed each picture. Our advertisement was the popular advert see on tv made by Cravendale to promote there milk. The advert was known for having cats with thumbs. We used little frames and watched the video a second each and drew each frame showing the moving with arrows to show where something moved or changed direction.


This shows how simple our illustration were and already you can see the advert coming together. Not knowing the advert name i think you could easily guess the famous advert.

From this workshop I gained a understanding of the skill of storyboarding and how important it is to have a strong storyboard to go from to use in my own animation.As a group we have discussed our idea and how we are going to turn it in a friendly animation that storyboard will make people remember.I have learnt from this workshop the simplicity of the drawing and how simple annotation and arrows can explain further the points needed. I think its going to be hard to come up with a fresh story board my group will need to pull all our idea together to make the storyboard simple and effective for when it come to creating the real thing.



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