Joe Laretta

Jose Maria Larreta Lotina was born in the heart of Tiger Bay in April 1916. Hid family returned to spain because of his mum thermal illness and his father ran ferry boats. At the age of eighteen he want to college Bilbao and was hoping to become an engineer.

In July 1936 Jose Larreta headed to San Sebastian the people army was being assembled he took his fathers shotgun and a haversack loaded with sticks of dynamite in the imitation of his asturias coalminers heroes of 1934 uprising.  He was in  the Basque peoples army.  He moved around a lot and he was evacuated to a hospital at limps not far  from cicero the home pueblo of Luis.

He was advanced and sent to hospital. Early in the morning of the 21st october the day the enemy entered the town . Larreta managed to get a place on board a refugee boat. He escaped the a nationalist which was on historian call ferocious. On this day was the fall of the Gijon there was a grand procession along the quay. A captured ship entered the port full of prisoners.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.56.11.png

Italiand have moved put an Franco’s man were in full control. He was confirmed as a special prisoner. In 1937 he was integrated in a labour battalion and sent to the Teruel front. The special prisoners were given privilege of being in a work unit where they paid. He stayed to tidy up town until spring 1938.

Joe feeling towards the end of his life never changed he was not bitter  he felt able to return to Basque well before his death in 1962.

This is a overview of the story of Joe and in group we were set a two week project to come up with something that would display his story. As a group we came up with and idea of 4 cushions with 4 main events of his life that we would screen print and stitch into using typography over the top with a word from that part of his life. We are currently looking into artist and photographer to get inspiration from.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 17.02.26.png
Overall Plan





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