Smells like teen sprit 1/8

Lesson One Thursday 2nd February 

Key debates 

  • Identity expression within visual materials culture
  • How are gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, youth identity and anti establishment values expressed visually?
  • How do subcultures recycle style and material objects and generate new meanings?

Cath’s Columns

  1. Description of each component of the image (describe image)
  2. Analysis of each component of the image cultural/meanings/associations/symbolism (possible meanings), (explain)
  3. Theoretical perspectives support your analysis(books) (better work) ( creative ideas) (back up)
  4. Link to the practice


Third column Theory

  • Generates support for your analysis and connects your ideas to wider academic contexts
  • Allows you to return to the analysis with new ideas that have emerged in academic status allows you to see images from wider perspectives ….. see more (natures creative thinking)

You then have your essay

Essay Tips

  • Leaves intro till last
  • Start with description of one thing – then analysis- the theory and repeat
  • start with the first bullet point on cath column.

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