Joe Laretta Project- Ideas

Monday 6th February 

Today we had a group discussion into finalising our ideas to make sure we knew where our project was heading so we could start the outcome striaght away. We knew we were making 4 cushions showing the story. We just needed to come up with the idea of what design was going on each cushion.

These images are our initials ideas that we would use as screen prints but we finalised our ideas and decided to go with the list below.

At the start of the day we were confused on how to show the detail of the story whilst showing the link to Cardiff after discussing it we decided to re read it and came up with the fact he started off in tiger bay so related the first cushion to that.

  1. Born in tiger bay so we wanted to show he was born in the heart of Cardiff bay -outline of map of tiger bay stitched with a love heart to show it was the heart of tiger bay.
  2. Laretta going to war the grenade and guns and including cardiff and spanish in a shield
  3. Charlie chaplin like figure having the number 38 on the figure to show he was the 38th prisoner. Including the words ‘He is not a bitter man’
  4. Images of the mount stuart dry dock




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