Afterlife: Lee Fairbrother

Tuesday 7th February 

Lee Fairbrother is a London based designer who is a entrepreneur and a creative director. He is best know for the Lion mascot for the 2012 London Olympic Games. His work is varied and he has done everything from illustration to design and app which he say he most proud of because its his own piece of work.

I found his talk very inspiring as he told us point on how he got to where he is today and really going for it in the career to an aspiring designer.

He came up with 25 things that is handy in a creative industry:

  1. Make a plan- he gave a quote ‘Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth’.
  2. Your portfolio is your life story- It is important to have a portfolio to show off what you have as a designer.
    • The folio that shows craft skills, writing, design, art,direction, photoshop skills.
    • The folio with ads, games, business ideas.
    • The folio with a surprise on every page.
    • The folio that shows off your personality.
    • The folio that shows you are an enriched person who takes an interest in culture, creativity and humanity.
    • The folio that says ‘you’ve got to meet me’
  3. Know the industry your going into Advertising,Brand,Digital and Print
  4. Never stop learning there always something that can further your knowledge
  5. Knowing the difference between idea and execution
    • An idea is better described as the strategic driven concept in answer to a given brief
    • The execution is the creative output of the said concept —the ad / design / film
  6. Focus on the benefit
  7. Never underestimate the power of simplicity – example apple mac
  8. Scamping/Sketching = Strength-Attachment
  9. Pretotype then Prototype then build
    • Simply put, pretotyping is the art and science of faking it before making it. Where it refers to an innovative product or service.
  10. Good is the enemy of great- Good is average you want to be aiming to be great.
  11. Build a network + Meet other creatives
  12. Find your mentor
  13. Get your self out there
    • Brand your self Taste ‘N’ Trend
    • You need a great website
    • There no such thing as originality but you have to find the closes thing to it.
  14. When you find a job, make the role your own
  15. Your biggest asset is the team around you
    • create thinking environments with purpose
    • change the scenery
    • consider every idea
    • never make fun of anyone who has an idea
    • make notes/scamp/save all that thinking
  16. Present better than Don Draper
  17. Be resilient
  18. Radical Candour – dont take thing personally
  19. Choose when to take advice and then when to leave it
  20. You should get paid with more than money
    • knowledge
    • accounts
    • team
    • leaders
    • opportunities


  21. Know when its time to move don’t stay somewhere because its comfortable
  22. Procrastination will kill you
  23. No matter where your career take you- don’t let it change you
  24. Work hard+ be nice+be on time= Success
  25. Love it

“A designer solves problems by blending art, science, math,psychology, and many other disciplines to create something for the world to use.”



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