Smells like teen sprit 2/8

Thursday 9th February 

Grimly Fiendish

Researching subcultural styles 

Emerging motifs and themes expressed visually

“a subculture that derives its visual style and preoccupations from Gothic literary and cinematic tradition which first emerged in Britain in the late 70s” (Spooner, 2006, p94)

  • Horror film has come from gothic literature

“to outsiders, it appears fairly consistent with a predilection for black clothing in a combination of faux-period, punk and fetish styles, elaborate jewellery, ‘vamp’ make-up for both sexes and dyed hair, also frequently black” (Spooner, 2006, p96)

  • Both genders look alike in this subculture

“Goth should be regarded like many other subcultural styles as a fairly complex amalgam. It is most immediately identifiable by its dark and/or macabre themes, but has drawn selectively upon a variety of distinct styles and influences , many of which relate to the recent history of popular music and youth culture” (Hodkinson, 2007, p263)

  • Not all goths look alike


“elements of Victorian fashion, such as mourning dress and corsets, became incorporated into Goth style, precisely because (from a modern perspective) they seemed desirably ‘dark’ ‘romantic’, ‘mysterious’, and ‘macabre’” (Steele, 2008, p105

  • Victorian period 90 century source of inspiration for the goth side
  • Drawing on the past
  • Reference from the past – recognisable to the past but modified to make it new and changing the meaning to make a statement – research helps
  • When you go back to the past you get inspiration but recycle the idea – change the form
  • The gothic style came from victorian period
  • Recreating characters from the literature
  • Victoriana implies a modification to the look
  • No clear look to buy you have to create it your self – didn’t get it from the media

What bits belong in the past? 

  • Flesh was covered- Gloves
  • Dress would always be black and use purple
  • Presents of the crucifix – Jewellery
  • Black features
  • Lace trims

What is modified?

  • Hats
  • White face paint – vamp IMPORTANT PART
  • Pale – meant to be use to make you look more alive thats it purpose. They used it to make them look dead- undead.
  • Black lip stick – Threatening look

“it is clothing that most securely links Goth subculture with the gothic literary tradition…’surface’ features of gothic fiction such as veils, masks and disguises…costume and masquerade…theatricality” (Spooner, 2006, p98)


  • Lace neck pieces from victorian times
  • Modified added cob webs and spiders to create a dead look – insects used because they eat flesh away when dead

Death and decay 

  • Tears to look as if its decay of clothing breaking of the rule using no hem line
  • Visible stitching come from Frankenstine

“important influence has been the fetish scene. PVC and rubber skirts, tops, corsets and collars for example have all been among the most popular styles of clothing for Goths of both genders” – Punk like

..…reflected the direct influence of the punk scene  which had pioneered the taking of such items of clothing onto the street. Yet it was in the early 90s that overt fetish-orientated clothing and imagery became a standard element of Goth style

Changing in look 

  • Make up pale but with black eye to create sunken eyes
  • Jewellery spikes as a weapon
  • Fish net ripped
  • Makeup used for men as well
  • Cyber goth look 90s onwards


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.29.03.png


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