After Life- Gareth Strange

Tuesday 14th February 

A graphic designer with a passion for illustration and photography along with experiments


  • Alway craved perfection
  • Helped him embrace the imperfections
  • Studied graphic design at the atrium created album covers using photography and type
  • He learnt sometimes projects go wrong its ok you can learn from it
  • Strange love was his development
  • Can turn passion into really work – its the importance of play
  • Show people what you can do 
  • Worked at blue egg for 7 years
  • Made hand written type for a Chinese takeaway company
  • You get somewhere and wait for the right opportunity to come along
  • Worked for Brand 68 created everything themselves wanted it to be there own
  • Worked with the BBC
  • Brand for Andy Burnham for mayor in birmingham
  • Own company John and Jane
  • Website John and Jane
  • Website Strange love
  • Website Strange love photography


  • Its taken 8 years to get the process where it is today
  • Its not perfect it will continue to evolve
  • Alway like to work with a client with a solid brief help them write the brief. Building a relationship with them when there inventive creatively you have a better outcome and start gaining insight. Present your work probably speak through narrative of thought process you should be proud of it. Followed up and cover yourself with the right legal things in place.
  • Worth reading (Design is a job book )
  • The elements of typographic styles
  • Decide what you want to do decide your angle what you wanted to be seen as, as a brand name
  • See everything as an opportunity 
  • The on freelance Projects 
  • Experiment with personal projects
  • Made a typeface called rough
  • There is no such thing as a bad project
  • Make your mark
  • Share your work
  • Consider Instagram  to share your work
  • Intergate yourself in the creative community
  • Be positive and confident and cheeky

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