Joe Lareta – Character and Place Feedback

Today we presented our work for the character and place brief on Joe Lareta which I think considering we didn’t really plan our presentation I think we got the work across well and let the work speak for itself.

Our feedback was good overall they felt that our use of collaboration using stick, spray paint and photoshop worked well together overall. There was also a clear path of ideas and we were told it worked well that we displayed all of our ideas in a scrap book to almost show or path of ideas as well as showing a story.

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Personal Feedback 

I think that overall this project went well we did have a few problem when it came to a change of ideas. We had a set idea to create 4 cushions with a story on each using stitch, spray paint and typography.

After tutorial telling us it was more about the ideas than the outcome we regrouped and changed our ideas to a dairy of ideas and 4 posters as like a sort of outcome. I think overall we worked well as a group we did have a few member of the group who didn’t turn up at all but the member that did even with illnesses we managed to communicate well even know we weren’t all together I think using Facebook to communicate out ideas worked well for us. We sent each other image of ideas and gave each other feedback which I felt was good for us.

I think if we had had more time we could have produced the cushions as well as the other things. I think this would have worked well as a final outcome and would have showed how out collaboration worked on one piece.


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