Joe Laretta- Process

Tuesday 7th February 

We had idea of making cushions but when talking in a group in a tutorial we were told its more about the process than the outcome so we decided to tone our idea back and focus on the ideas and our individual strengths. We came up with making a simple booklet of ideas showing all our strengths and ideas together.

So we set up to work together but using are own strengths so I created the stencils and spray painted them using photoshop pieces created by lorna. Jenny and Ffion are going to create posters and also do sketches and stitches to go in the dairy.

Here are my spray painted stencils that will be added to our diary I used black and red spray paint.

Our final product idea was to come together with all out sketches and idea anything even rough ideas and put them together in a scrapbook to show Joe Lareta life in a variety of different way using different media. We also are producing 4 poster two all typographic stating event hat happened in that part of the sort and then two very illustrated using photo shop and illustrations. We used all of are different strengths to do our own part of the project then come together to create our final outcome and presentation.

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