Design As Activism

Wednesday 22nd February 

To Launch our new project “design as activism” we were given the brief again along with a few animations or short films to inspire us. These range from an Alzheimer charity to the Metro. The animation that stood out to me was the really simple Metro’s dumb way to die animation to promote safety around rail sides. The way its made with a catchy tune and fun character makes sure the viewer remembers.

We were also told to focus on original ideas and  by not creating something that already exists. This is important because there no point recreating someone else idea.

We were then given our group and as a three we discussed all possible outcome and things we felt were a good subject matter to work on. We came up with three main issues social, environmental and political. We came to realise that as a group we were most interested in going down the route of social and concentrating on the negative effect of social media. This is a big thing that happens all around the world like cyber bullying.

We will now as a group discuss how we will go around using this idea and making it into an animation. I think that a story board would help our thought process.

The idea I have is we look at two people who are friends and one gets cyber bullied and almost commit secuide and the other is one doing the cyber bullying because of problems at home.



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