After Life

Visual Designer

She firstly explain what she learned from uni and showed us the project she took part in and explain how she took her idea in first year further into third year and how the quality and ideas got stronger when the years went on.

1st year project :

We love play

2nd year :

Choose there own brief chose own brand of PG tip they produced a print  campaign

Really pushed on the quality of the film

3rd year :

Air b and b app

Be in studio long hours really  benefitted to know how to work in that environment when moving into agencies.

  • Cant take opinion personally
  • Might be not were they expecting
  • Get anyone opinion not in the design industries.
  • Learning from others using there  strengths for your goal
  • if everyone is moving forward together then success take care of itself – henry ford


Grab them if they come along – But don’t stress yourself out

We click media 

She was taking on as a intern – from her grad show talk


  • Researched
  • Customised portfolio
  • Ready on the time
  • When straight to the junior job
  • Its okay not to know – It okay to know
  • Being able to adapt to having confidence in your ability
  • Went from junior to designer
  • “Do not seek praise. Seek criticism” – Paul Arden
  • Working in a small agency
  • Gets more work cause there so small
  • Getting work more often


‘if i had asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse’

  • Learn different softwares
  • Enjoy the work you are doing
  • Put your all into it

‘Justify everything.If you cannot justify it, it might just be and opinion’






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