Joanna Quinn-Animator

Tuesday 28th February

Two oscar nominations

Studied graphics at London felt she wanted to do illustration and animation and maybe go into comic book design. She was the only person doing animation on a Graphics course.

The film she made in college on her own was up against a lot of Disney shorts in a competition she entered. She had criticism and it was compared to Disney when she made it from nothing.

Britannia- When doing political stuff you try to fit everything in and sometimes its to much. He took out 90 pages from her story board using the Skelton of her ideas. The main drawing is the main focus the movement in  between are rough as they just get you from A to B. Using 12 drawings a second.  As long as the form goes back to why it came from the in between doesn’t really matter it give a impression.

The process doesn’t matter its the final outcome thats the main things.

They’ve turned down the job because it wasn’t right didn’t sit with there morals.

This talk was from a Animator who has been nominated and has worked in industry but really enjoys it when she works with her own ideas because of the free range and creative ideas. She has made many short films from one character. This help me realise what you can do with animation and how much one illustration can change to create movement and overall a story. I will take what I learnt today and take it into my new project in field.



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