Smells Like Teen Sprit 5/8

Thursday 2nd March 

Smash it Up

Punk, resistance and DIY design 

What is punk style and what are the meaning behind them?

Sex pistols – God save the queen – Jamie reed

screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-09-26-04Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.05.01.png

  • Take something that already has a function and change it to give it a new meaning
  • Dadaism Art movement punk owe a lot to this movement in 1920s

Summarise the characteristics of the punk subcultural style according to Hebdige’s articles. 

Style as bricolage 

  • How it was constructed
  • Generate a new meaning
  • A response to the world around us
  • Diverse range of different thing
  • Taking something and changing the meaning

Punk style 

  • Motor bikes
  • Union Jack
  • T-shirt covered in swear words
  • Cut up things
  • Safety Pins, clothes peg, Television component, a razor blade and tampons
  • Yellow, Jet black
  • Cheap trashy fabrics -Plastic,Lurex and PVC
  • Zips

Style as homology 

  • The chaos as a meaningful whole
  • The subculture was nothing if not consistent
  • The key to punk style remains elusive.
  • What your wearing becomes your lifestyle – becomes who you areThe Punks 
    • They gave object that already had a purpose a new meaning and a new function: safety pins using them as jewellery and to wear on the outfit but not the cover up the rips so it was almost flipping it originally meanings
    • Notion of beauty and behaviour and trashed them using thing that would offend people
    • Punk was meant to be unnatural – using anything to look different and changing the meaning
    • Anything the had a connotation like education and trashed them – using graffiti, ripped
    • Took things out of context
    • Punk broke rule in music and in graphic in posters
    • Hair become a weapon

    What have we learn from punk?

    • Used typography to change the look of something
    • Causing discussion because of the choices of dress
    • Challenging tradition
    • Attitudes can be questioned in your own work

    What do they have in common with the other subcultures?

    • Similar to hip-hop using everything as jewellery
    • Use of hair colour
    • Take something that already has a function and change it to give it a new meaning
    • Visual
    • Break the rules
    • Bricolage
    • Trying to get a message across

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