Martyn Woodward Constellation-Talk

Today we had a talk with Martyn Woodward about constellation to make sure we understand how we can link it in with out field and the importance of it.

What does design do?

We design things to communicate

Post industrial material culture:

  • Environmental disparity
  • Social disparity
  • Multi Cultural Living
  • Battle between the isim and atheism
  • Political uncertainty
  • More than just servicing economic, utilitarian western ideals

Everything we produce goes out to the world and can have consequences and affect people- A offensive drawing is just a drawing until it goes out into the world.

-animistic world-views

Portuguese Launguage, ideals, beliefs and design catholics vs animist

Values that are generally promoted by western design :

  • Market consumption
  • Scientific
  • Atheistic world views
  • Ownership/property/wealth
  • Visual experience

What kind of world do we want to make?

Ontological Design(ing)

Design is something more inescapable and profound

We created a language through design that everyone can understand e.g. Toliet doors

A visual language that everyone understand from anywhere in the world.

‘Wicked Prolem’ (Not simple)

All design creates problem at the same time as it solves them:

What design needs:

  • Practical skills and knowledge
  • The ability to work with problem
  • The ability to identify a problem not just solve them
  • The ability to be flexible dynamic and enquiry led
  • The ability to question your own preconception
  • The ability to say no have your own opinion

Find your own place 


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