Social Media Animation Ideas

Tuesday 28th February 

We are basing our whole animation on social media addiction and we are all coming up with ideas baed around this idea and I had the idea of coming up with a character for a mobile phone to use in the animation.

I also did a rough story board to show the story I have in my head my idea is to show the mobile phone as a Skelton overloaded with information and these drawing are trying to explain that.

The first one: Is just the person holding the mobile phone and putting it down

The second one: Will look like all these apps and message are coming out of the phone to represent when you have a overload of notification on your mobile phone.

The third one: This is showing the person attempting to collect the information to show if someone had this in real life what it would look like.

The forth one: This jumps and doesn’t really link but this is the idea of if things we do on social media like liking status and picture or swiping left or right on a picture of someone happened in really life. I think this would be a clever idea to use in our animation.fullsizeoutput_8fd

We also looked at the idea of a day in the life and how the sun would animate to talk and ask question like what can’t you live without.

We also looked into including the idea of social media likes and dislike being showed happening in real life where the animated person shows a love heart of a like above there head when someone liked there post. I looked on Pinterest and got inspiration from there.






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