Smells like Teen Spirit 6/8

Thursday 9th March 

Children of the revolution 

Punk, gender ans subcultural ideology 

Where gender ideology was challenged

Changing the function of an object and the look of jewellery and where it is normally placed this was challenged

1) Paraphrase (put into your own words) the relationship between punk and its social context according to these observations.

In the 1980s the gender map begun to alter during the ‘sex wars’. Women felt they could express themselves.  Where before the 1970s they were seen as misfits. they contravened the norm of mainstream femininity.  It reacted against and redefined 60s feminism. The women punk cant be forgotten it was what shaped us. (o’brein and LeBlanc).

2) What was the ideological stance on gender that punk promoted according to O’Brien and LeBlanc?

Women were changing the way they were seen in society. This happened through the rebellion of the punk fashion. Punk emerged because of the restrictions.

3) What was the “questioning rigour” offered by punk generally and how does this concept relate to Hebdige’s account of Punk that we’ve previously studied?

The way they take something and give it a new meaning is pushing the norms of society. Women were defined by there bodies expected to be thin and attractive.


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