Inspiration – Social Media Addiction

Our inspiration to look into social media addiction from my point of view was personal observation. I feel that young kids don’t have a life outside of a mobile phone of tablet. I think its strange that a 3 year old can work a tablet these days. I have worked with two boys and I feel they are far to attach to social media and apps that they are unaware how to play with each other without these thing. This was my thoughts for this project I wanted to make people aware of this and also make it so it applies to the younger generate.

Social networks are massively addictive. Most people including me check and interact on social sites constantly throughout the day. And they have no idea how much actual time they spend on social media. This is why I think our animation needs to make people aware.

We want to make people aware not to say that social media is bad but that to much of it can take over without you realising. We want to make something that wasn’t telling you no because that never works, have something that represents you and something that represents the phone. Using something that was obvious but had a hidden meaning behind it. So when watching it at first it wasn’t obvious what the character represented but when you thought about it the meaning became clear.


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