Social Media Addiction

Tuesday 14th March

Today we as a group came together and showed the process we made on the animation or on the characters. George had started the middle part where the emojis and apps pop in and out. I had been working on the poster and just needed everyone opinion on what font and colours to use.

I started of with a blue background with the zombie in the middle and the text “Are you a schmombie?”but I felt that the word “schmombie needed to be in a zombie like green font. So i used sketches that had been done of the word and using the pen tool copied it into illustrator. This was creating a new font to make our catch phrase stand out more.

Schmombie poster


This was the poster I came up but when speaking to the group we decided the zombie needed adjustment and a shadow on the floor and also have some of the social media floating in the background.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 18.00.28

I think this poster works well because it apply to everyone and I think the question make you think about the effect of social media and phone on your life. We aren’t saying its a bad thing just to be aware of how much you use it.

I also looked at using the lettering in the end of our animation and using effect to make the letter swirl so you don’t straight away know what it says. Then for a few second you see it all and the it ripple of the screen. This is the same lettering as used above.

This poster worked well but we have now decided that we are going to use this poster as a front cover for a booklet. This is going to read like a children book. Having a little story to go with it.





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